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Our names are Maddie and Ray and we are the founders of “Chasing The Cheselka’s”. Our love for traveling, experiencing new cultures, and photography inspired us to share our life with the world through this blog. 

We grew up in a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio and while we both had great childhoods, we never knew what we were missing until we started seeing the world outside of the Midwest. We ended up going to the same college in Cincinnati, OH and right after graduation, we headed to the Windy City of Chicago where we lived for 3 years. 

During our time in Chicago we traveled a lot. One of our top trips was when we went to Switzerland and Northern Italy. That’s where we fell in love with the mountains. We thought to ourselves, where in the US can we live that will give us the closest thing to Switzerland? The answer to that question was, Colorado. We now live in Denver and plan to be here for the long haul. 

We got married in 2020 (we know, we know….Who gets married during a global pandemic? Well… we did haha). We’ve been together since 2012 and since the day we met, we have always shared the same love for adventure and traveling. We instantly began with road trips around the US and continued on to international travel where we officially became addicted to traveling together. 

We look forward to providing a wealth of travel content + recommendations in the coming years and are hopeful our readers will enjoy some of the same experiences we did.

We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have on a particular trip, and we're available to plan trips as well.


Thank you for visiting and following along!

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