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After a whirlwind January to start the year, we hopped on to see what they had to offer in Cabo. We'd always wanted to go, and Denver is only a 3-hour flight away.

We found a great deal at the all-inclusive Grand Fiesta Americana, on the ocean in the resort corridor between San Jose del Cabo (Airport) and Cabo San Lucas (Peninsula/more upbeat).

Airfare, airport transportation, our stay, and food were all included in one price. We even got a $185 Costco Gift Card for booking it. The only thing we had to pay for otherwise was airport food/drinks, and things like the spa, excursions, etc. We brought cash to leave extra tips too. The resort employees work really hard to make sure you have the best time. Although not required, we felt like we should always leave a good tip at the restaurants, and periodically for drinks.

We ended up getting a really cheap massage because they convinced us to hear them out on their Hilton Grand packages. Don't get sucked into this. We were told it was going to be 30 min-1 hr and it ended up being like 3 hours taking up our one morning. The packages are basically prepaying a lot of money to stay at certain resorts, that aren't always easy to book or where you want to be in certain destinations.

Other than that, everything was amazing and we didn't have to worry about anything. Saturday-Tues was perfect to be laid back and get back to a short work week. It's a major improvement to any vacation when you can avoid super early/late flights, and come back to a low-stress work situation. We were able to get away, enjoy the warmth, and relax. Strongly recommend. Here's how it went!


  • Day 1: Saturday morning travel to Cabo-Settle in

  • Day 2: Pool Day

  • Day 3: Pool/Beach Day + Whale Watching + Spa

  • Day 4: Slow Morning-Fly back to Denver

Day 1: Travel To Cabo-Settle In

We were dropped at the open-air entrance to the Grand Fiesta Americana, greeted with champagne, and set up with our room. While we waited for it to become available, we had a cocktail overlooking the ocean at the lobby bar.

February is perfect there. It was around 75 degrees every day that we were there.

After checking in, we got into our swimsuits and headed to get some tacos at la Cevicheria restaurant, on the beach. Really good.

Afterward, we hung out at the pool all day, until we felt like getting cleaned up for dinner.

The pool was great, overlooking the ocean, drinks delivered to you, and swim-up bars. Our room was only a 1-minute walk to the pool because we got a room towards the bottom of the resort near the lobby, restaurants, and pool.

This place is big, so you might want to request a room in that area, otherwise, you'll have a long walk or you can call someone to shuttle you in a golf cart.

Before dinner when we were ready to go, we walked down to the beach for sunset. Cabo didn't disappoint with those.

For our first night of dinner, we went to Peninsula for dinner. Our server Manual was awesome. He's from Mexico City, and we had some great conversations part in English part in Spanish. This restaurant is the closest one to the water, so you get an ocean breeze and can listen to the waves while you have dinner.

After a day of travel and sunshine, we hit the hay.

Day 2: Pool Day

We scheduled our tour for Hilton Grand on day 2. We thought we could knock it out in the morning quickly, then enjoy our day. As we said, it ended up taking up most of the morning. Not ideal. The massages were awesome though. Wherever you're staying, always a good call to get a massage on your trip.

But it started at Viña del Mar for breakfast. We had it almost every day, really great breakfast, a ton of options.

From there we went straight to the pool and relaxed all day until the sun about set. Snacking on guacamole and homemade chips, having some drinks. It was ultra-relaxing.

After our day at the pool we rested and took showers, then went to dinner at Sushi Sky Bar. Really good sushi set above the resort with great views while it's light out, and stargazing when it's not.

Another amazing day in Cabo.

Day 3: Pool/Beach Day + Whale Watching + Spa

On our final full day, what to do other than relax?

We went down to the beach and got a great couple of chairs with umbrellas, and had snacks/drinks delivered all day.

The most energy we exerted was a couple of short walks on the beach.

After our day, we had dinner at their Italian restaurant, Rosato. Got a little drunk, ate until we literally could not have anymore, and crashed.

Day 4: Slow Morning-Fly back to Denver

A relaxed morning beach walk, breakfast, and some pool time were all we needed to complete the trip. We had already set a return time we got our first ride with Costco, to pick us up. We set the pick up for shortly after check out so we could take advantage of the morning before heading home.

A very simple trip, and sometimes that's just what you need! Whether it be at the Grande Fiesta Americana or somewhere else on the resort corridor, you'll likely have a similar experience.

When in doubt, definitely book that winter long weekend getaway!


  • Easy one to pack for!

  • Pool/Beach Clothes

  • Nicer clothes for dinner

  • Passport

  • Sunglasses

  • USD + Some Pesos

  • Expected Spend

    • $1500 each for the all-inclusive/airfare/airport transportation

    • $100 each tips/other purchases, travel spend (we didn't really do much that wasn't included)

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